Go, JoCo, Go!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

5 April 1973
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madladyred here. This journal came from two sources. Firstly, Have you heard Paul & Storm's spoofs relating to how every movie theme could be made better with a little Randy Newman? You should. They are brilliant. Regardless of the storyline they manage to work in the phrases "You my friend." and "Go (main character) Go! You got a reason to live..." into every song. Why does that matter? Because we indavertantly ended up at a Paul & Storm concert in our attempt to surprise Disbandedtoastr with a Johnathan Coulton show on 3/22/08.

reddheaded, droidgirl, disbandedtoastr, and I all crammed into my VW Beatle and headed out for the show.

I wish I could have inserted a memory chip into my brain to record all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and feelings from that Saturday's concert event but that technology hasn't been invented yet which makes this limited by my small memory capacity, exhaustion, and a limited vocabulary. In short, IT WAS SO AWESOME!

But that doesn't explain the bear. Thanks to Redd's spotting a Russell Stover billboard advertising Free Chocolate (free chocolate?!?!? I'm there!!) we made a side trip and that's where Toast picked up our trip mascot - JoCo Caramel the Traveling Bear. We got pictures of JoCo at nearly every phase of the trip, the only exception being actually with Jonathan Coulton (duh!) and that will be remedied next concert. On the ride home we decided JoCo needed his own journal to document his adventures so we've created a community called jocobear and are hoping to get everyone to join. This is our first attempt at a community and we have no idea what we are doing yet so bear with us... (a pun!) Oh, that community is probably where the Stick Figure Theatre will be showcased so if you want to see Toaster's drawings (and trust me, you do) you will have to go there.

So with those two events we also get JoCoGo. Because that's what he does.